How to Build a Home Page that Converts

A homepage is your business’s online front door; it’s the first thing they’ll see when they visit your website. It’s your business’s chance to make its crucial first impression! It needs to do its job, and it needs to do its job well.

So, how do you create a homepage that converts?

1 — Introduce What You Do

From the first glance your website needs to tell visitors what your site has to offer, and the problem it’s going to fix for them. Are you a skincare company targeting people with dry skin? Let them know you have a hydrating mask. Are you a hotel with rooms available for people looking in your city? Let them know what they can book. Answer their questions!

2 — Quality Images

Visually show what you do through quality images. Most people are visual, so showing what you do helps to cement your business in the minds of your website visitors. It may be a tale as old as time, but a picture really does tell a thousand words. It is essential that you are using high quality, professional photographs to demonstrate the same ideologies about your brand. Launch your site sooner with ‘ok’ images, or wait a week to schedule a professional photoshoot? We’re advocates for the latter.

3 — Concise, Quality Copywriting

You have an opportunity to create a brand experience using words. Your business’s tone of voice ensures you have quality copy targeted to your audience and will help you connect with them. It needs to be on tone, quality and consistent across all of your channels.

4 — Social Proofing

To convert a site visitor, you need to create trust with them; why will your business solve their problem? Include links to case studies, testimonials, reviews, or affluent mentions to create credibility.

5 — Call to Action

The goal of your homepage is to compel viewers to dive deeper into your site and be converted. Optimally, there should be more than one CTA peppered across your home page with the goal of getting them across the line. This can be a newsletter sign up, booking a consultation, or adding a product to cart.

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