A New Era of Instagram is Upon Us

The brilliant minds behind Instagram are currently testing a new, immersive viewing experience in the main Home feed.

They have chosen to introduce a Home Feed with content that fills the majority of the users phone screen, as well as featuring more video content. It is almost certain, that the inspiration for this change is from the fastest growing and number one social media app in the world; TikTok – which also features full screen video content and requires users to swipe through to see the next posts.

In addition to this significant User Interface change, Instagram has also introduced more suggested content into the home feed – particularly Instagram reels.

So, you’re probably wondering, what does this mean for the future of Instagram and its billions of users? How do you need to modify your content and communications strategy to combat this change, and not face a serious engagement drop? Fear not, because we have the answers!

Change is not always a bad thing. It is nice to be comfortable in what we do every day, but without change we would not have a future at all.

There is no doubt that this change marks a new era of Instagram. The new full-screen Home feed does exactly what Adam Mosseri – the head of Instagram, has been hinting at for months. It places suggested video content at the forefront of the app. Adam’s vision is to create a more streamlined experience, which is becoming more and more possible with the introduction of the new Fullscreen home feed, as well as incorporating stories in the main feed.

This is a major change for everyone who works in social media. More than ever before, adding Instagram Reels into your strategy is essential for reach and engagement on the app. In the last 2 years, Instagram has seen a significant engagement drop in its static feed posts. However, for accounts that have embraced Reels since their launch have seen an increase in reach and engagement overall.

Creators are the future.

The biggest takeaway from this is if you want to be successful on Instagram in 2022, is to embrace Reels. If Instagram Reels are not your format of choice, it should be.

Contrary to what you might think, creating great Instagram Reels doesn’t require a big-budget video production team. They can be as simple as layering several images to the beat of an audio track. With the right strategy, you can still see big success on Instagram — it’s all about evolving with the platform.

Communication is power. Embrace change.

Images via Instagram.

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