ALL for one, and one for ALL

What started as an interview on a podcast in 2020 has amazingly transformed into an extremely influential event. The remarkable and inspiring vision of this cause has been made into reality.

In 2020, our Beinc CEO Hayley Birtles-Eades, Executive Assistant Natalie Willacy, and General Manager Brittany Meyer formed the brand Obsessed Hub that features real and raw conversations. Obsessed Hub made and shared podcasts about extraordinary people and their extraordinary stories featured a voice that changed their lives forever. Adam Whittington came on the podcast to talk about his incredible efforts in raising awareness and making radical change in ending child trafficking and exploitation all over the world. Adam is the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Rescue Children (PRC), an organisation that stands out from the rest, that is as transparent as possible, and that would actually be on the frontline making a difference to children’s lives. We were immediately intrigued by his work and passions. His passion became ours. Adam shared with us distressing stories of what so many children are going through and how everyone all over the world is just turning a blind eye. We couldn’t stop listening to all the wonderful things Adam has done to help children in need, and how much more needs to be done. We then made it our mission to help Adam and his organisation PRC to reach more people and overall help more children in need.

We realised how crucial of an issue child trafficking and exploitation is and the desperate need it was in for help. The creative solution we came up with was to form a large collaborative attention-grabbing event that people couldn’t pass up. In 6 short weeks our amazing team behind Australia’s Largest Lunch, joined forces with 2 other incredible charities; Australian Childhood Foundation and Hark Angel to sell 350 tickets and raise a whopping $126,000. We exceeded our wildest expectations for what we could do in such a short time but felt that our work was not done yet.

This is a problem that we alone cannot tackle, it is going to take all of us. This is why we have brought back Australia’s Largest Lunch this year, which is going to be bigger and better. This year we are proud to be hosting keynote speakers Adam Whittington, Richie Harkham and Noel MacNamara. Adam is our inspiration and the perfect person to feature at this event. Richie Harkham is a phenomenal speaker, entrepreneur and influencer who also cares passionately about helping the suppressed. Richie founded the charity Hark Angel as a tribute to the young boy who provided a donor knee to Richie after he was in a horrific accident. Hark Angel is a charity on a mission to build 100 schools in some of the poorest villages in the world. He saw how many children who failed to receive an education were found to be working from the age of 9 years old.

Noel Macnamara is the executive manager for the Australian Childhood Foundation. Noel has dedicated over 30 years of his life to helping those in need and protecting children. His contributions have been recognised with the Robin Clark Award, which is the Victorian awards for protecting children.

We are extremely passionate about this cause and feel everyone should be too. We hope that this lunch will inspire you and anyone else who takes notice to truly feel and understand the imperativeness of this cause and leave with a mindset of making change.

It’s not just one of us. Its ALL of us.

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