Australia’s Largest Lunch: To Save a Mockingbird

Our whole lives we have been encouraged to live in the now, in the present, but are we living in the world? In the background, camouflaged under the guise of illusive white noise, more than 1 million children a year are being stripped of their identities, their rights, and their lives; traded in and passed around the trafficking and exploitation industry. It is an ever-increasing disaster that seems beyond help at this point, and we understand why you would want to look the other way or skip to something else. In fact, we understand if we're making you feel uncomfortable at this very moment, but what we're hoping is that by spreading the word and making enough noise on behalf of the silenced; Out of the shadows a path to change can pave a way.

Most pioneers don’t go looking for a cause, a lot of times we end up falling into our calling. 

When COVID made its first rounds through the nation, a little office that sat snug in the heart of Kelvin Grove housed three attention-seeking women, who were trying to light the fire for catalytic change. 

In the midst of a catastrophic year, Hayley Birtles-Eades, Brittany Meyer and Natalie Willacy, who were themselves adjusting to the modern era’s great depression, wanted to still add value by creating a sense of community while everything and everyone were being pulled apart. 

And thus a Be-Birth to be remembered, the Obsessed Hub was born with the intention of shedding a light on ordinary people that did extraordinary things. Their mission was to make revolutionary conversations the norm, to invite people into a podcast bubble that would inspire, elevate and most importantly plant hope during a time of universal powerlessness. 

Somewhere during the onslaught of two hundred interviews beinc ran into one Adam Whittington, CEO of Project Rescue Children. 

This introduction sparked a movement that would today come to be known as Australia’s Largest Lunch, a fundraising event designed to support pioneers like Adam Whittington and Richie Harkham in the war on child trafficking.

It starts with a thought, a lustful intrigue, before their actions become a reality and one child’s future looks bleak

I think we can ALL agree that the COVID onslaught wreaked havoc on most of our lives as individuals, families, communities, and nations. But would it alarm you to know that one pandemic increased the longevity of another? 

It’s the kind of pervasive infection we all know exists, but wilfully avoid because the impending feeling of helplessness is too overwhelming to bear. So we shut our eyes, change the topic and get on with our day. 

Even the media has taken this blasé approach when addressing the ever-increasing crisis of child exploitation. 

I implore you to understand this is no mere humanitarian cause or gesture of donation…

ALL was formed for precisely this reason. 

In fact, the journal of the East Asia foundation states that, ever since governments have put their man power into rebuilding economies and health infrastructure for a post-COVID world raging social issues like child trafficking and exploitation have taken a backseat. 

And our goal is to place this crisis directly in your field of vision. 

Before you flinch away, know that our intention for ALL is not to drown you in a river of guilt and powerlessness.  

We're supporting people who are trying to protect our future generations.

What we want is to educate, empower and equip you with the means to contribute in your own little way to a mighty fight for the protection of our future. This contribution can start with something as little as starting an important dialogue, or spreading awareness of charity fighting against the growing crisis. 

ALL of us together would mean sowing seeds that would create an impact that would last lifetimes.

Monsters live in the dark because they don’t have the courage to live in the light, but you can go into the darkness unscathed because you are the light.


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