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Beinc was entrusted to conceptualise a brand and website for Tom Beechey and Travis Steele, the men behind Cadence Connect, a business solutions management organisation. Our goal was to create a down-to-earth brand that inspired trust while still highlighting the sophistication of a corporate organisation.

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Cadence Connect

The recruitment industry has never had a stellar reputation with the way it treats people like transactions. Unfortunately that reputation has only gotten worse over time. This is because, currently the world of recruiting relies on sales professionals rather than people professionals. It is not enough for candidates to fulfill a skill set criteria or an organisation to hire on the basis of length of experience.  It needs to be about the fit.

Enter, Cadence Connect. Determined to change the way organisations view people management. The two founding directors wanted a full-service brand communications strategy which includes full-scale brand development, copywriting and website design. Cadence Connect, your people that find people.

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Cadence Connect identifies as a business solutions management organisation that connects the right people to the right organisations within the industry of technology and finance. Using a human capability as simplistic as empathy, Tom and Travis have been able to create a recruitment business model that not only centres organisational career pathways but also strategically problem solves to take away the stress organisations face when it comes to the recruiting process. 

To symbolise this, every aspect of the Cadence Connect design and copy was crafted using a combination of geometric forms and contemporary typefaces. The colour palette and the tone of voice have been chosen specific to elicit the response so desired from the target consumer. The grey, cobalt blue, navy blue, black and white; creates an aura of affluence, stability and reliability which is in-turn tied to the core values of the brand. When the brand speaks, He is straightforward and confident in His ability to get you through your problem. He is also down-to-earth and understanding, you can always rely on him to tell you exactly what you need to hear.

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