Luxury Haircare

Luxury Haircare

Project Scope

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Through the eras, hair has been regarded as a symbol of femininity, beauty and liberation. Luxury Hair came to beinc to create a brand that carried all the opulence of luxe hair care but with a tinge of approachability that made it accessible to the masses.

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Problem & Opportunity

Luxury Haircare believes that quality hair products should be available for everyone to enjoy. They only stock the best in class and best in the market recommended and used by industry professionals. 

Hoping to emulate their ethos around diversity, inclusion, confidence and worth; Luxury Haircare wants to take the beauty industry by storm with a sophisticated feminine brand strategy as well as an online realm with titillating visuals that draw you into the world of sophisticated haircare.

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Luxury Haircare Colour Palette


Luxury Haircare believes in breaking the mould and revolutionising the way premium products are bought online. Their core values and their ethos is embedded into every aspect of their brand identity from products, to their packaging and presence. 

Honing in on our UX design expertise we absorbed every aspect of the luxury haircare identity and created a luxe visual brand that framed their seamless e-commerce website. In creating the online shop, luxury haircare was able to reach a wider audience all craving the kind of avant-garde hair care otherwise too pricey for their pockets. It was important to Luxury Haircare that the consumer journey is as smooth as running your fingers through tangle free hair. And this is exactly what we did.

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