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When Karen Scrimshaw shared her imaginative idea with us, we were immediately empowered and began working on bringing the vision to life. Together we built a brand that evoked beauty, tenderness, and devotion. Nia Jewellery perfectly illustrates its true heart of compassion and dedication to empowering women.

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Nia Branding

Problem & Opportunity

Nia Jewellery is a marvellous new brand that supports women of all forms, and whoever you want to be. They cherish individuality and strongly believe that being confident in your own skin is imperative to living a happy life. Nia’s goal is to help you live up to your full potential.

“Magnum opus”, meaning; a work of art.

Through the efforts of our devoted and compassionate team, we were able to transform Karen’s dream into a brand with boundless opportunities. As the retail world has been constantly expanding, it has been harder than ever to thrive in the highly saturated market. It was crucial that customers felt the significantly different experience that Nia offers. The entrancing nature of the brand emboldens you.

That feeling you get when you see a rainbow after a cloudy day, or when listening to your favourite song, or seeing someone you love is the exact feeling we wanted you to get when you are a part of the Nia world.

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The Nia Jewellery brand believes in embracing unconditional love. Their deep-rooted values are ingrained into each and every element of their brand identity.

We put our exceptional industry and design skills to work, to create a branding image that not only precisely encapsulates but radiates the values that make it stand out against its competitors. We created a fresh, clean, dazzling image to employ across all digital and print platforms, including an alluring e-commerce site, influential social media presence, and elegant packaging and print design. The fresh new design meant that the brand was able to appeal to a greater and wider array of clientele.

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