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Nicole Slater came to the Beinc team to help her give the world the gift of her art. We believed that everyone deserved to see, love, and appreciate Nicole’s works as much as we did. Drawing from the beauty of Nicole and her horses, we created an elegant logo, website, and print brochure. These designs perfectly showcase the ‘Nicole Slater Artist’ brand and gives it the confident face it needs.

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Problem & Opportunity

Nicole is an exceptional and unique artist, that produces enchanting works. As opposed to other artists who depict horses on a background of nature, Nicole creates a captivating image by exhibiting the horse as the focal point on a bed of black. Nicole lives and breathes horses. Her intrinsic love and knowledge for all things horse is embedded into every detail of her works and her overall brand identity.

Nicole Slater as an artist was having trouble being noticed by the world. As her husband Bill is a very well-known Australian household name, she was often left as an afterthought. Nicole needed powerful brand designs to utilise in her ‘Stables Collection’ exhibition. It was extremely important to us and to Nicole that people knew and understand the depth of her character.

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The Nicole Slater brand believes that the magnificence of a horse in motion is unquestionably one of the most beguiling sights in nature. Nicole spares no detail in her paintings, so we didn’t either when we developed her brand designs. We employed our refined skills to create a sophisticated brand design that seamlessly portrays Nicole’s unique brand identity. We created a simple yet chic logo capable of deploying across various platforms, a stylish user-friendly website, as well an exquisite print brochure of her collection for distribution. The development of these appealing and engaging new designs, meant that Nicole was able to exceed all her expectations for success. We helped Nicole be noticed in the extremely competitive art world.

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