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Outta Range was born as it is where we would rather be, out of range from the phone ringing about work, life and all the stuff that creates noise in your mind and soul. It’s about being out of range but being fully connected to the natural world around you, this is when you are living your best life.

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Problem & Opportunity

Outta Range started out with the mission to help people get out on the water and enjoy the experience of catching fish. Since then, Anthony has met a whole new family of like-minded anglers who are just as passionate about getting on the water and having fun.


Until recently, their brand and website did not pay homage to this strength. We were asked to refresh it, bringing forth their authentic personality in a way that would help them connect with the right customers, and tell their story through storytelling.

When Outta Range approached Beinc, they faced a lack of consistent and cohesive branding and web design that accurately represented the company’s mission and values. Their design assets failed to capture the essence of the great outdoors and the serenity of fishing, leaving visitors disconnected from the company’s vision.

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Outta Range delivers a platform for fishermen to purchase quality marine electronics and products to upgrade their fishing experience. Outta Range ensures the satisfaction and safety of their customers, when they are enjoying the ocean and help them create everlasting memories. Outta Range is about all things outdoors, it stands for adventure, quality, honesty, creating memories, making connections with great people and the environment. The logo designed communicates this through the combination of strong and structured typefaces, and symbolic forms. Our UX design expertise allowed us to create beautiful website that communicates the brand’s friendliness and playful energy.

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