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Packer & Associates

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Packer & Associates is a leading provider of a broad range of strategic and operations management solutions. They have been in business providing exceptional service to their clients since 1997, however needed a brand refresh to modernise their service offering and visual presence.

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Problem & Opportunity

Packer & Associates has grown from strength to strength and is one of the most trusted learning and development and business advisory services today. Their previous branding didn’t page homage to this strength, and needed to be updated to show the development of the company.

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Packer & Associates believes in focusing on the future, and applying their industry knowledge to create tailored solutions that create a difference. Their core values and their ethos is embedded into every aspect of their brand identity from the website, to their print material. 

In order to pay homage to the branding that has built the Packer & Associates success since 1997, the branding was refreshed, rather than completely redesigned. Elements from the previous brand identity were taken and refreshed with appealing to the target audience at its focus.

Honing in on our UX design expertise we created a luxe visual website that frames their services, values and expertise in order to connect with current and potential clients.

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11 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove 4059
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

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