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Moira Matic, the creative mind behind Project Zone Australia. An extraordinarily inspiring woman revolutionising the business world with innovative techniques to optimise team productivity and results. The moment she shared her vision with us we just knew we had to help her bring it to the world. We were starting from the ground up with Moira; creating everything from the name, logo, brand identity and strategy, to website design, marketing collateral and print design. The amazing works created by our team set Project Zone Australia up to achieve everything possible.


Problem & Opportunity

Project Zone Australia is not just a want, it is a need. Project Zone is a business that empowers a team to live up to its full potential and achieve amazing things. Moira had all the knowledge and skills for success but needed our help to give her brand the face it deserved; one that we knew would stand out.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same task over-and-over-again and expecting different results each time. The only way to move onwards and upwards is to change and evolve. Not only letting yourself change but putting the hard work into bettering yourself. Moira and Project Zone understands this better than anyone.

Through the power of our dedicated and caring team, we were able to transform Moira’s gift to the world into a reality.



The Project Zone brand believes in empowering individuals and teams, allowing you to have your best chance at whatever you set your mind to. The core values of the brand identity can be seen shining through every element of the creation.

We took everything that made Project Zone special and created a powerful brand that perfectly encapsulated its uniqueness, in a way that was able to be transferred across a multitude of platforms and mediums.

Putting our talented team on the mission, we developed an engaging and inviting brand identity, logo, and website that was capable of connecting with a wider audience of those in need of Project Zones innovations. As people often resist change, it was imperative that the face of the brand be friendly and engaging, something that invited people into the safe space that is offered.

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