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Stockyard Beef

Nothing says affluenceaffluence like premium premium beef beef

Project Scope
Marketing Collateral
Project Location
Brisbane, Australia

When Amy Brooks came to us, beinc set out on a mission to create collateral that matched the majestic succulency of their premium beef.  An authentic, deeply-rooted, expanse of never-ending farm land offers an Australian story of the true Stockyard home and its heritage.

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Problem Problem && Opportunity

Stockyard produces high quality, long grain fed Wagyu and Angus beef.  The Chairman and Founder Robert Hart A.M. established Stockyard in 1958 after identifying an opportunity in the market for a premium beef product whilst visiting Japan. The company is now led by Robin’s son Lachie, and they proudly remain 100% family owned and operated. 


To emulate the pride of their business, we were given the pleasure of creating sophisticated marketing collateral that would speak to the direction of the Stockyard Beef identity.

Stockyard Beef

Solution Solution Solution Solution

Stockyard Beef wants to create one single effect in the lives of people, ‘To create inspiration, enjoyment and memories through a shared appreciation of outstanding beef’. However, we wanted their marketing materials to represent what makes them the brand authority on classy premium beef..


To symbolise this, every aspect of the cow was used to make their case. Celebrating the parts Australians most enjoy, at the likes of Steak & Oyster, Agnes Stanley Cantonese and Lobby Bar . The simplistic imagery is laden with undertones of sophistication and effortlessness, highlighting the kind of consumers that get a taste of this prime piece of meat. The Stockyard Dining experience recreated in a simple card. 

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