Retro Anti-Design

Nostalgia is a funny thing.
Retro trends and design are all through and ready to influence the rest of 2022.

Nostalgia for the 90s is stronger than ever before, with people of all ages looking back on the decade with fondness. The simple yet striking designs of memphis patterns, primitive internet frames, art deco and retro colour schemes are all coming back into fashion, reminding us of our past and bringing back the fun times of the nineties. Whether you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane or simply want to be ahead of the trend curve, investing in some 90s nostalgia is a great way to do it.

However, what happened to moving on from the past and looking forward?

Whether people notice it or not, nostalgia works in any case and scenario, good or bad. Needing to accept the past to then walk forward is something that people say, and yes, that is needed in life and designs that reflect such lives.

The 'Anti-Design' Movement: Why More and More People are rejecting Symmetry and Simplicity

The ‘anti-design’ movement is a growing trend among people who are rejecting symmetry and simplicity in favor of more complex and unique designs. This change is being driven by a desire for individualism and self-expression, as well as a backlash against the mass-produced, cookie-cutter designs that have become ubiquitous. The anti-design movement is about embracing imperfection, individuality, and uniqueness – something that can be celebrated in all of us.

Although this is one of many trends of this year, it’s something that hasn’t been done before and people love the new and dynamic more than the predictable old.

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