The BE-Birth: For Brands to Speak They must BE

Everything has to start somewhere. Beinc is an agency who's brand relies on building and designing brands better, carrying them from conception to birth. We treat brands like people, giving them a voice, a heartbeat and awe-inspiring graphic design. We do not capture data, we capture your essence and match it to the audiences that need it. From visual design to content strategy, we design solutions for our clients and this how we began.

The funny thing about the birth of an idea, is that the seed is planted before you are even aware of its supposed conception.

Hayley always knew she was different, odd. It’s not something she wished for, it is simply the way she is. 

The way she was made.

“Ever since I was a kid in school, the one thing I was consistently accused of, was this idea that I was such an attention-seeker,” Hayley said 

“You’ll see it! I’ll show you my report cards! All the teachers used to say ‘she’s just an attention seeker’, or ‘she’s always poking her nose into other people’s business’,”

“I don’t know if it was the eternal optimist in me or simply blind defiance, but I couldn’t help but see the opportunity in the word attention-seeker.” she said

Unbeknownst to that little girl, Hayley Birtles-Eades had just founded a brand, an identity, that she would use to create the brand resuscitating phenomenon, beinc.

‍So whowho is beinc and where where did we come from?

Beinc was born as a result of continuous opposition, dozens of failures, iterations and mistakes. 

“I knew that I had the uncanny ability to command attention.” Hayley says. 

“It’s the kind of ability that every client or potential client we have ever had hopes and prays for,”

“And it came naturally to me,” she says

What Hayley quickly began to realise amidst the sea of ventures was that a brand’s biggest competitive advantage came from the transformation that takes place in moments of loss and weakness.

The problem was most brands didn’t love the idea of looking in the mirror, withheld by the fear of being exposed or forced to confront their flaws. 

But Hayley embraces the flaws. 

Because, that’s where the opportunity is. 

She was more than happy to hold up the mirror. 

It is like the craftsmanship of a stonemason, once you make that first cut into the stone it can’t be undone. It sets in motion a series of choices. What used to be a shapeless block of limestone or granite, begins it’s long journey of transformation, and it will never be the same.

So, she began infusing her attention-seeking prowess into her clients by introducing them to branding craftsmen. AKA:

Graphic Designers

“I had many iterations of trying to make beinc a thing!,” Hayley exclaims. 

“I have always had insane ideas, for 22 years I have had my fingers in lots of pies in the business realm,”

“It is more than giving our brands a pretty face, we want them to enamour and captivate their audiences,” 

“The way it comes naturally to me, the way it comes naturally to us.”

The professional attention-seekers 

"We are branding frankensteins. We bring your brands back to life. Our only expectation from our clients is that they have an open attitude. We give our clients clarity, context and understandingunderstanding of who they are and where they want to go."

Beinc is more than Graphic Design. 

With over 22 years experience in and around the industry, this was the first step in her vision to create an army of attention-seeking problem-solvers, strategic odd-balls, and creative crazy geniuses that can’t help but live in your head rent-free.  

And, this is exactly what we do for our clients.

Beinc is a creative messy explosion of people that know how to mould, shape, prod and push brands to look, feel, sound, and resonate in a way that bewitches their audience leaving them spellbound. 

That’s how they see us. Their brand lifelines. 

We don’t just have clients, to us these are long-term relationships built on trust and a blind-thirst for strategy. 

Our philosophy is, when a brand comes to us at their weakest, that’s where we see the impending phoenix. 

Because when you have nothing to lose you’re willing to try anything.

If that isn’t a competitive advantage, we’re not sure what is. 

That’s who beinc is and will be for you and all our other clients, your competitive advantage. 

And who we are is a state of being.

This is our story. 

The story of how beinc came to be.

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