To Build a Brand: Collaborative Cooperation

Missing the mark in the creative process happens to everybody from brand strategists to graphic designers. That’s why every authentically phenomenal brand has a motivated united team behind it. Collaboration is the heart of societal design, from construction to legislation but even more so for out-of-box thinking purposes. Think of your head as the box, when you are made to share ideas, you’re challenged to consider ideas that exist outside your head. The beauty of that scenario is that it may lead to the birth of a brand worthy of attention.

Have you ever put the word collaboration into context? In order to do this we must first understand its meaning. Traditionally, collaboration is a scenario whereby two or more people work together to achieve a common goal for a common benefit.

However, if everyone has a personal agenda in the course of a collaborativecollaborative process what happens to the common goal?

Getting to the finish line of any design project can be a journey but sometimes we have a tendency to get lost on the way.

This usually happens when we lose sight of the most important element: The Big Picture

A big picture goal may be the single most significant thing your team needs to come to a consensus on before moving forward with any brand project.

Not only does it inform every aspect of your ideation process but it also keeps your brand and your team on track, so as to avoid getting carried away.

The beauty of a collaborative process is that you now have access to a varied deck of perspectives to draw from and the more diverse your team the better.

Every human being and every project has blindspots, the more P.O.Vs you have looking in on the problem or opportunity the less blindspots you have. Because you’re covering the blindside of the person sitting across from you and vice versa.

It’s important to understand that collaboration involves more than one person, and sometimes we forget that.

It’s like a construction site. EveryEvery brick matters. Every perspective is a building building block.

While having someone leading the charge is important, if that perspective takes up 80% of the scope, you have a project filled with blindspots. What’s worse is that you may end up missing out on an attention-worthy idea because the brand ideation was controlled by a singular mind. Full-scale, equally weighted collaboration takes that problem away.

The thing about collaboration is that there’s bound to be conflict. Whether that conflict is healthy or not is entirely up to the team. Collaboration should be an amalgamation of voices that build out the notes before it creates the symphony in order to find its harmony.

Whether it’s brand strategy or design communications every person and the perspective they bring is an essential piece of the puzzle, every piece of input brings to life that big picture.

However, as designers we need to understand that the most important collaborative step is the one that happens with the client. It’s a synergistic alliance.

You’re both trying to create a brand that leaves a lasting impact on its target market. But collaboration is not possible if honest communication is off the table. Honesty means understanding that the client and the brand strategy team are on the same side, working towards the same big picture so every angle or opinion is for the benefit of that goal.

Man didn’t land on the moon on his own, he needed a rocket ship to get there. Think of collaboration collaboration as fuelfuel for the rocket.

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