Transforming Women's Network Australia: Beinc Case Study on the Power of Strategic Branding, Collaboration and Communications​

Transforming Women’s Network Australia: Beinc Case Study on the Power of Strategic Branding, Collaboration and Communication

At Beinc, we pride ourselves on our ability to breathe new life into businesses and organisations in need of a fresh start. One of our most successful and rewarding projects has been the transformation of Women’s Network Australia (WNA), a Brisbane-based organisation that was facing a decline in membership rates and a dated branding and communication strategy.

When Janelle Bostock took over WNA, she recognised that a complete rebrand and strategic plan were essential to revive the organisation. With our extensive experience in branding, business strategy, and marketing, Beinc was the perfect partner for this ambitious undertaking.

Working closely with Janelle and her team, we began by assessing WNA’s core values, target audience, and competition. From there, we devised a comprehensive brand strategy that would not only revitalise WNA’s image but also engage and inspire its members.

The transformation process started with a fresh, modern logo that captured the essence of WNA – empowering and connecting professional women. We then overhauled WNA’s communication strategy, ensuring that their messaging was consistent, compelling, and perfectly tailored to their audience. From social media to email marketing, every touchpoint was meticulously crafted to foster loyalty and engagement among WNA’s members.

But our work didn’t stop there. We also played a crucial role in reimagining WNA’s product and service offerings, as well as overhauling the membership pricing structure. This comprehensive approach was essential in ensuring that every aspect of WNA reflected the quality and value the organisation aimed to deliver. By introducing new concepts, products, and experiences tailored to the unique needs of professional women, we helped WNA create an even more appealing and engaging platform for its members.

The revamped membership pricing structure, designed to reflect the true value of WNA’s offerings, further contributed to the organisation’s newfound success. By aligning their pricing with the high-quality products, services, and experiences they provided, WNA was able to attract and retain more members who recognised and appreciated the value they were receiving.

The impact of our work with WNA was immediate and profound. Membership rates soared, as more and more women were drawn to WNA’s revitalised image and compelling mission. Today, WNA boasts a thriving, engaged community that continues to grow, thanks to the strategic plan developed in conjunction with Beinc.

This case study demonstrates the incredible power of strategic branding and business revitalisation. When executed correctly, a comprehensive rebrand can completely transform an organisation’s image, reputation, and prospects. At Beinc, we’re proud to have played a part in the revival of Women’s Network Australia, and we’re excited to see how the brand and the network develops in the future. 

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